Sunday, July 22, 2007

Week of July 22

This week is a great example of how you can prep for the week and still have a great series of meals. I was on the road Sunday to Thursday this week, then spent all day Saturday and Sunday morning involved with a company function.

I had no time whatsoever to cook anything ahead. So, I planned a menu that uses a lot of fresh veggies from farm stands and a few items from the freezer.

This picture is of a jar of truffle salt - truly amazing stuff. It's truffle pieces blended with sea salt. It adds truffle flavor to anything it's sprinkled over. I used it in my chanterelle and truffle hash for Sunday dinner.

On Sunday:
  • I went grocery shopping.
  • I made Sunday dinner.
  • I defrosted bread for sandwiches and the bread salad.
  • I defrosted containers of chili and of black-eyed pea dal.
Menu for the Week
Grilled ribeyes
Chanterelle and truffle hash
Green beans with summer savory and thyme
Grilled corn on the cob
Plum torte

Bread salad with Cowgirl Creamery's Inverness goat cheese

Grilled chicken vindaloo
Black-eyed pea dal (dal inspired by this post at Smitten Kitchen)
Quick sauteed zucchini
Basmati rice

Angel hair with lobster oil, shrimp, chives and sea beans (inspired by Twist of the Wrist)
Green salad


Wang's dumplings
Cucumber salad


Julia said...

Black-eyed pea dhal? Really?

Do you have a recipe? Because I sometimes find lentil dhal a little too earthy and black eyed peas are a lot earthier than lentils...

Sunday Cook said...

Ok, I updated the post with a link to the Smitten Kitchen recipe which I, ahem, liberated.

I made a double batch (thus, the freezer) and ended up using a whole 1-pound bag of BEPs.

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