Sunday, July 1, 2007

Week of July 1

I am officially addicted to The Perfect Scoop. This weekend, I made three, count 'em, three different recipes from this great cookbook. That's rhubarb cooking for Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet. Also produced during this freezerpalooza were: Vanilla Frozen Yogurt and Honey Lavender Ice Cream.

When I wasn't engaged in this semi-OCD effort to make frozen treats, I was also planning the rest of the week. We'll be home on Wednesday for the holiday, so the brisket we're making is not a quick-fix AT ALL (freakin' Cook's Illustrated always does this to me. Six hours of cook time. We'll see. Remember the seven-hour baked beans?)

An * says I made this on Sunday. Lunch is usually leftovers from dinner two nights prior.

Grilled chicken with pesto*
Lemon risotto*
Swiss chard*
Beet salad*

Gyros* (from the July August issue of Cook's Illustrated) with tomato and feta (made the patties on Sunday)

Indian night (thanks Smitten Kitchen for the inspiration)
Grilled eggplant
Moon dal*
Black-eyed pea dal*
Cabbage* slaw (grated cabbage on Sunday)

Happy Fourth of July!
Smoked brisket
Potato salad
Green Salad

Grilled halloumi cheese, peppers and zucchini
Quinoa w/ grilled lemon vinaigrette

Tailgatin' dinner
Brisket sandwiches
Toll House cookies


Andrea said...

We've got the custard for the Toasted Coconut ice cream cooling as I write. We have a canister ice cream freezer, so only one flavor per 24 hours. Do you have multiple canisters or a different kind of machine?

Sunday Cook said...

Excellent question. I have a canister freezer too. I only have one cylinder at the moment.

I made the yogurt and honey lavender bases yesterday before lunch. I froze the yogurt around 2:00 and threw the canister right back in the freezer. I froze the honey lavender ice cream first thing this morning (7:30ish) and promptly put the canister back. Then I made the base for the sorbet. I froze the sorbet at 4:30.

The canister held up well. The sorbet froze really fast and the canister had the shortest "refreezing" time for that one. I think I may have been pushing it, but I made it through this project.

I am buying a second canister though. :-)

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