Monday, July 2, 2007

A Scoopendous Trifecta

The ice cream puns are just going to keep coming, sorry 'bout that. Here's a pic of the three frozen treats I made from The Perfect Scoop this weekend. There were all fantastic in their own ways.

The Vanilla Frozen Yogurt was really the star (it's in the 3:00 position in the picture). It took no effort at all to make. You whisk together yogurt, sugar and vanilla. Chill and freeze. That simple. Phenomenally good. I used Stonyfield Farm whole milk yogurt.

Also extremely good, but requiring a little more effort was the Honey Lavender Ice Cream. You steep lavender blossoms in honey and strain. Make a custard with yolks, milk and a little sugar. Add the honey and cream.

The Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet is also great. You cook rhubarb with a little sugar and then puree it with ripe strawberries. Done.

Now come the really easy part: eating all this ice cream! Everything is wonderful solo; you can really taste each flavor's nuances. But, if I was going to be combining flavors ... the sorbet and yogurt are almost better when eaten together. The honey ice cream eaten with the yogurt reminds me of yogurt drizzled with honey. The only not-so-great pairing was the sorbet with the honey ice cream. The sorbet's bright flavors clobbered the honey flavors over the head.

Go buy yourself a copy of the book and get freezing!

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