Monday, July 7, 2008

Week of July 6

Is July to early to be called the dog days of summer? All I know is we'll be cranking up the air conditioning for the second time this summer.

High heat and humidity mean that I'll be putting the grill into heavy rotation. I also heard a story on NPR yesterday about garlic, and the interviewee described a cold garlic soup. Sounds great for a 90-degree day, doesn't it?

Menu for the Week
Ethiopian Dinner inspired by the April 2008 issue of Saveur
Doro Wot - Chicken Stew
Misr Wot - Red Lentil Stew
Ayib be Gomen - Greens with Cottage Cheese
Injera - Grilled Flatbread

Chicken meatballs with mint
Tsatziki (garlic-cucumber sauce: like you get on Gyro sandwiches)
Squash fritters
Zuke/cuke salad
Beet salad

Cold almond soup (Ajo Blanco)
Hardboiled eggs with smoked trout
Green salad

Grilled pastis-marinated shrimp
Grilled eggplant
Cherry tomato salad
Grilled feta
Garlic toasts

Seared gnocchi salad with vegetables

Hot dogs
Baked beans
Cole slaw

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