Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week of July 27

These are our first tomatoes of the season. They're Sun Gold cherry tomatoes, and yes, they are that orange - no photographic chicanery here. It's been a strange summer for tomatoes: really hot in June, and so very wet through most of July.

My tomato plants have finally gotten their collective act together and, acts of God, groundhog or chipmunk notwithstanding, a month-plus of great harvesting should start soon.

If you're paying close attention (which I don't expect you to be), you'll note a repeat from last week's menu (the shrimp). That's because I didn't make it last week and I wanted to keep it in rotation.

Menu for the Week
Barbecued chicken (inspired by this post over at The Bitten Word)
Napa cabbage slaw
Corn on the cob
Buttermilk biscuits

Firecracker shrimp
Thai-spiced green beans
Rice noodles

Grilled fish with lemon and oregano (we'll see what's good at the market on Tuesday, I'm hoping for halibut)
Greek salad
Pita bread

Chickpea and sweet potato curry (inspired by Gastronomy Domine)
Grilled eggplant with lime and cilantro
Summer squash fritters with mustard seed
Cucumber raita
Basmati rice

DCI Show: East Coast Classic, Picnic in the bleachers with Jim and Kristen
BLATTs (Bacon, lettuce, avocado, turkey and tomato sandwiches)
Carrot sticks
Potato chips
Blueberry hand pies (mini pies)

Corn on the cob
Potato chips

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