Monday, July 21, 2008

Week of July 20

That out of focus thing is a really delicious lobster ("lobstah") roll. To my mind, lobster rolls are the most efficient way to consume lobster meat: no shell in the way, no dipping, no cutting, nothing but you and delicious lobster.

My recipe is basic: cooked lobster meat, a little Hellman's mayo, some herbs. In my neck of the woods you can buy "culls" which are lobsters that aren't picture perfect (and are cheaper as a result). They usually have claws of irregular size or only have one claw). My lobster guy will cook them for me, so it's really easy to call ahead and then pick up your cold, cooked lobster.

If lobster is prohibitively expensive for you, try making a shrimp salad and serving it lobster-roll-style, in a buttered, grilled hot dog bun. Wicked good.

Menu for the Week
Lobster rolls
Local corn
Gently pickled beets
Potato salad

Linguine with watercress pesto and a poached egg

Chicken and sausage cacciatore (from the July issue of Bon Appetit)
Orzo salad

Chilled cream of broccoli soup
Goat cheese and roasted red pepper sandwich

Firecracker shrimp (spicy, sorta Thai-style, grilled shrimp)
Rice noodles
Pan seared green beans
Squash salad

Turkey burgers
Vegetable slaw

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