Sunday, August 19, 2007

Week of August 19

Hello everyone, we are back from vacation. A trip report is forthcoming, but a nutshell review: Montreal is a fabulous place to eat. C'est vrai, bien sur.

We got back in enough time to do all those post-vacation things: laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning up any cat-related mishaps, etc. This week's menu is designed to be easy and flexible. I have no idea what my work week will be like, so I need to make sure that the meals are simple and quick to pull together.

This Sunday I will:
  • Make oven-roasted tomato sauce (I am taking lots of pictures of this so I can post the method for you)
  • Make ricotta (yes, I am a little insane - but it was so good last time)
  • Prep the lamb mixture for lamb kabobs
  • Grill some zucchini for the gnocchi salad (I will do this while we're cooking Sunday dinner, since the grill will already be on)
  • Make Sunday dinner
Menu for the week


"Sliders" (mini hamburgers)
Nepalese potato salad
Cole slaw (inspired by Deb Perelman's great article at
Corn on the cob
Peach tart

Pasta with ricotta and oven-roasted tomato sauce
Sauteed green beans

Lamb kabobs
Grilled eggplant with mint
Grilled feta
Tomato salad

Gnocchi salad

Stuffed grilled pizza

Franks and beans
Corn on the cob


Julie Poitras Santos said...

Hi Mary! This is your cousin, Julie! I meant to write you before after we were briefly in Maine in July and my Mom made your Thai Spiced Pork, I believe it was -- wonderful blog-- you're crazy (crazy-amazing, that is)! We are moving to Portland, Maine in November - probably the sister network has already filled you in - look forward to seeing you both in the coming year.

Sunday Cook said...

Nice to hear from you - looking forward to having you back stateside! Glad you like the site. Maybe you can contribute your favorite recipe for tortilla? :-)

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