Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Welcome Foodie Blogrollers!

You'll notice a new link on the sidebar: it's for the Foodie Blogroll. I found the Blogroll on another site and have asked to become a member.

Click around, you never know what you'll find. I am enjoying Jaden's Steamy Kitchen, Nirmala's Cooking Corner, and Bong Mom's Cookbook (not what you think).


Welcome fellow Blogrollers. For more information about the Foodie Blogroll, click here.


Sandeepa said...

Hey good to know you like my blog and I liked what you said in the brackets... LOL :)

Sunday Cook said...

Thanks Sandeepa - I am looking forward to trying out your recipes.

Best wishes, Sunday Cook

Nirmala said...

Hi! Thanks for giving me a shout out about my blog. I really appreciate it! While I've cooked 3 days this week, it hasn't been anything new, so no blog entries for me.

I look forward to learning more about quick and easy recipes!

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