Sunday, August 26, 2007

Week of August 26

Ouch. I woke up yesterday and felt like someone was stabbing me in the neck. Serious muscle pain. But, I soldiered on, and I did feel much better by the end of the day. Then something happened (or didn't happen) overnight and I woke up feeling like someone was stabbing me in the neck and in the back too. With a hot poker. (I need remedial sleep training, clearly.)

As a result, today has been pretty much of a wash: a scintillating day of lying on the couch and reading the NY Times, alternated with small snack and stretch breaks (this sounds like more fun than it was).

So, this Sunday:
  • I pulled a container of chili out of the freezer.
Yup, that's it.

Dave went to Farmer Bob's for some vegetables. So I will be cobbling together dinner with those vegetables and what's left in the fridge from the past week. I will keep y'all posted. We should see some pretty creative cooking this week. (I am sure you are all on the edge of your collective seat.)

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