Sunday, August 5, 2007

Week of August 5

We went fishing this weekend. I was hoping we'd come back with many fillets of smokeable fish like mackerel and bluefish, plus a couple striped bass of course. The mate on our boat must have chuckled to himself when he saw two large coolers (TWO!) in our trunk. Talk about optimism. We caught four striped bass, but none were keepers, and we came home empty-handed.

All that said, we had a great time on the water and we did agree that since we weren't going to spend the rest of the weekend cleaning, smoking and freezing fish we now had oodles of free time.

I'll be traveling next week and won't be home to cook at all next weekend. I'm also pretty busy planning for my trip, so I am taking advantage of all the great produce I can find to take care of this week.

On Sunday I will:
  • Roast red peppers and grill eggplant & zucchini to use in various dishes later this week.
  • Make a carrot and beet salad.
  • Make yogurt cheese - will post on this soon.
  • Hard-boil a few eggs.
  • Make Sunday dinner.
Menu for the week
Grilled shrimp
Roasted potato salad (the potatoes are home-grown, yay me)
Corn and zucchini saute (inspired by Fine Cooking)

Angel hair with grilled zucchini, tomatoes, parsley and lemon zest
Green salad

Millet salad with eggplant and red peppers
Beet and carrot salad with tarragon and chives
Hard-boiled eggs
Yogurt cheese

Grilled chicken with herbs de Provence
Grilled corn on the cob
Radish and turnip "carpaccio" (this is just very thinly sliced radishes and turnips sprinkled with salt and olive oil - don't get too dazzled by the lingo)
Green salad

Italian cold cut and roasted vegetable sandwiches

On the road!

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