Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday's Tomato Haul

This is a collection small and cherry tomatoes I picked today. The little round yellow ones are Sun Golds, the yellow oval ones are Yellow Pear and the red ones are Juliet.

I cannot endorse Juliet enough. She is a mini-plum tomato. Incredibly prolific, early ripening and its actually tastes good, even raw.

I ended up slicing the Yellow Pear and Juliets in half, tossing them with oil and salt and roasting them for an hour to make an oven-roasted version of a sundried tomato (and forgot to take any pictures of the process, sigh).

The Sun Golds get eaten raw or put into martinis.


Stefan Jones said...

I'm jealous . . . We had a strange spring and summer out here in Oregon, and the tide of produce brought in by co-workers has been meager.

Sunday Cook said...

We have been so fortunate this year. All the stars (rain, sun and varmints) aligned to allow for a great harvest. I am so sorry you have not been able to revel in 'maters this summer.

The Cook said...

These look so delicious! I wish our garden had been as productive this year.

Susan said...

We grow Juliettes and love their flavor. You can't beat a homegrown tomato!

Sunday Cook said...

It's become one of my favorite varieties. We have a relatively short season, so it's nice to have a tomato that starts early and doesn't stop.

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