Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week of September 7

Ok then. I have no idea what we're eating this week, because I was at this glorious place all weekend with great friends. Lucky me. :-)

I think it may be a "clean the fridge out" kind of week. Fortunately, with the garden and the local farm stand, I should be able to make some very delicious things.

Tonight we both were craving vegetables (many beverages and lots of fried food were consumed over the weekend). So I gave us a vegetable-centric meal of:
  • sliced tomatoes with lemon oil and fleur de sel
  • leftover roast pork au poivre
  • eggplant and cauliflower salad (with red bell peppers and capers)
  • boiled shell (cranberry) beans with rosemary
Dave had a cheater's peanut butter cup for dinner: a spoonful of peanut butter topped with chocolate chips.

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