Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Night Corn on the Cob

Thank goodness for gardens. Dinner tonight was a nice plate of tomatoes and corn, with some cheese and salami on the side.

Farmer Bob had two kinds of corn today: Silver Queen and Butter and Sugar. I got three of each so we could hold a comparative tasting during dinner.

That was the plan anyway. We pretty much just scarfed it all down. From what I remember, the Silver Queen had a more pleasing "snap" to the kernels, but the Butter and Sugar tasted "cornier".

Either way, both varieties were delicious and made for a lovely centerpiece to our dinner. Go get some local corn before it's all gone for the season!


mary said...

We absolutely love corn on the cob. Our local farm has butter & sugar, and let's just say that 2 cobs each aren't enough for us!

Sunday Cook said...


Oh yeah, this picture is styled to look like we have modest appetites. There was a lot more sitting outside the frame. :-)

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