Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week of June 8

The heat is here. Whoa baby. We are seeing temps in the nineties today and won't see daytime temps in the 70s until Thursday. I know of you in the South and West have already started your summers, but is the first real wallop of the season for us.

For me, this means my cooking is focused on the grill, and on quick and easy (and cool) meals. These little nibbles are deviled eggs seasoned with chervil (a feathery leafy herb that tastes like a cross between parsley and anise). Hard boiled eggs are easy - boil up a few and hold them in the fridge for meals. I am lucky enough to get eggs from a local man who has a folk of chickens in his back yard. They make for fantastic eating and look gorgeous: such golden yolks!

Stay comfortable!

Menu for the Week
Chicken Souvlaki (leftovers from Saturday dinner)

Vegetarian chili
Cornbread (from the freezer)

Korean-spiced grilled steak tips
Napa cabbage slaw
Mung bean noodle salad with kim chee

Grilled pizza with herbs and goat cheese

Grilled spiced chicken breasts
Sweet potato salad
Grilled local asparagus

To be figured out later :-)

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Kitt said...

Lovely eggs! I can't wait to start getting eggs from a local farmer; they're so much better than any you can find in the grocery, even when you buy organic truly-free-range ones.

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