Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week of June 15

As is typical of New England weather, we have gone from a string of sunny 90-degree days, to a week of temps forecasted to be in the high 60s - whoo hoo.

So, I tried to build a week of meals that stay "summery" but that will still comfort on cloudy and rainy days.

Menu for the Week
Roast chicken with tarragon and savory
Potato cake with lemon and mushrooms
Asparagus mimosa (recipe to come - picture over there)
Strawberry-rhubarb mini pies (I used Elise's recipe for my filling.)

Greek-style baked shrimp with feta and cherry tomatoes

Chicken and bean enchiladas
Cilantro-lime cole slaw
Avocado salsa

Fried egg on a quinoa pancake
Sweet potato fries
Big ol' green salad

Marc Bittman's Chickpeas and chorizo over pasta


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