Monday, June 16, 2008

Mimosa: Not Just for Brunch

(With apologies for the rerun picture.) When you hear the word "mimosa" what do you think? If you're like most people, a champagne and orange juice cocktail comes to mind.

Well, there's another kind of mimosa, and I recommend you add it to your repetoire. Mimosa is a traditional French garnish: technically it's just grated hardboiled egg yolks. But, most recipes I see nowadays call for the whole egg to be grated or finely chopped and served over a steamed or boiled vegetable with a vinaigrette.

Asparagus mimosa is a nice way to serve asparagus that's easy, delicious and a little different. In this picture, the steamed asparagus has been tossed with a sherry-mustard vinaigrette and then sprinkled with the egg along with chives and chive blossoms.

I grate my egg on the fine holes of a box grater. You can also chop it finely, or push it through a mesh strainer, what ever's easiest for you. One egg provides enough garnish for 2 pounds of asparagus.

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