Monday, June 30, 2008

Week of June 30


These are Chioggia beets. Aren't they pretty? Chioggia don't taste as earthy as regular beets and they won't turn your fingers RED. If you get some nice fresh ones, you can do what we did and slice them very thin, shingle them across a plate and drizzle them with great oil and vinegar. Finish with a sprinkle of salt and voila: lightly pickled beet salad.

Menu for the Week
Spring rolls (not hard to do and a great way to use up little bits of leftover ingredients)
Beet salad (see above)
Sauteed beet and radish greens
Brown rice

Whole wheat pasta with zucchini, chives, chive oil and fresh homemade ricotta
Green salad

Miso-glazed halibut
Glass noodle salad
Japanese-style sesame chard (traditionally this is a spinach dish, but I have bushels of Swiss Chard in the garden)

Bean pile over millet (post to come on this appetizing-sounding, yet weeknight-lifesaving dish)

Pizza (grilled if it's hot hot hot out)
Green salad

4th of July Festivities

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