Saturday, June 21, 2008

Week of June 22

Local asparagus: delicious and artsy.

Ah Summer. Mother Nature appears to want to cooperate this week. We'll have temps in the low 80s and a few thunderstorms to keep the greens growing. Perfect. Since it'll be balmy with a chance of a few humid days and nights, I want keep meals interesting and light.

As an aside, I'll mention that I almost always plan my menus with the week's forecast in mind. Sounds a bit anal-retentive, I know. But, think about it: do you want a BLT on a cold, rainy day or beef stew on a 90-degree one? I also want to look ahead and see if there any good grill-worthy days (although since we can grill under our porch roof, rain is seldom a problem).

On Sunday, I:
  • Made Sunday dinner
  • Made the patties for Monday's dinner
  • Made the chili and cornbread for Tuesday's dinner
Week Menu
Fried chicken (I used Elise's recipe)
Nepalese potato salad, aloo achar - made with Yukon golds and lots of lemon juice
Steamed asparagus
Chocolate pudding (a la Mark Bittman)

Lemongrass patties (also Mr. Bittman's)
Thai-style grilled eggplant salad
Jasmine rice
Lettuce leaf wrappers

Vegetarian chili

Pita bread
Tomato and cucumber salad
Feta and olives

BIG salad: Hard boiled eggs, beans, leftover vegetables, parmesan, etc. etc.

Out on the town

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