Monday, June 25, 2007

Week of June 24

We were away from home Sunday and Monday this week. So, any cooking ahead had to be done on a very busy Saturday. The garden is cooperating by producing prodigious amounts of lettuce (in addition to astonishing quantities of weeds), so there are a good number of menu items inspired by leafy greens. Also, it's supposed to be hotter 'n Hades for most of the week, so I didn't want my menus to require the oven or large pots of boiling water.

So, on Saturday, I roasted two large bone-in chicken breasts for chicken salad, baked potatoes for (and made) gnocchi, boiled some eggs and that was it. I also grocery shopped, to ensure everything was on deck for the rest of the week.

Anything with a * was prepped on Saturday. In general, lunch is leftovers from the meal made two nights prior.

On the road

Salade Semi-Nicoise: Garden lettuce, oil packed tuna, sauteed green beans, hard boiled eggs*, thinly sliced shallot & cherry tomatoes

Buffalo chicken* salad sandwiches
Carrot and celery slaw

Gnocchi* salad with goat cheese, asparagus & spinach

Grilled shrimp with lemon
Steamed millet tossed with thyme and parsley

Pizza night

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