Sunday, June 17, 2007

Week of June 17

Happy Father's Day folks!

We celebrated the day as everyone should: an outdoorsy activity (kayaking), yard work (vegetable gardening) and grillin' a big hunk of red meat.

We're entering a bit of a dry spell here and are keeping our fingers crossed that the wet stuff will fall from the sky soon. In the meantime, our peonies don't seem to mind. This is a blossom from the garden. (The bowl's mouth is 7" across.)

Anything with an * was made on Sunday, (f) means it's from the freezer, everything else is made in the moment. I've decided to stop posting lunch, in that it's usually leftovers from two nights prior. I will make note of anything unusual or out of the ordinary.

Father's Day Dinner
Grilled sirloin with chimichurri sauce *
Truffled lima beans *
Swiss chard with mustard seeds *

Mediterranean combo: Tabouli-type salad *, baba ghanoush *, baked feta, chopped vegetables

Banh mi
Asian vegetable salad

Black bean soup *

Turkey burgers (f)
Green salad

Nacho night


Webbed said...

Thanks for all the great weekly recipes. I can never think of anything good and am always tempted to just grab something prepared from the freezer. These dishes sound great!

Sunday Cook said...

Thanks for the kind words. What do you like to cook? What do you like to eat? I'd love some requests! :-)

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