Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week of February 21

I had the pleasure of teaching a class titled "Thai Cooking at Home" at Jewett Farms Studio on Friday night. A group of eight joined me to learn to make several Thai dishes including Tom Yum soup, Pad Thai and green papaya salad. Jill from North Shore Dish joined us and wrote up a great recap of the night. Check it out over here.

Menu for the Week
Roast chicken with citrus
Beet and fennel salad
Crispy potatoes

Silken comfort tofu (from food52)
Jasmine rice
Broccoli with togarishi (Japanese chile/sesame/seaweed sprinkle)

Jennie's homemade manicotti (also a food52 find)
Green salad

Beet greens-stuffed baked potatoes
Green salad

Beef stew with spaetzle
Green salad

Dinner out

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