Thursday, February 25, 2010

Storing that Great Loaf You Baked

Ok, so you have a glorious loaf of bread. Maybe it's a loaf of no-knead bread you baked, maybe it's a crunchy, rustic loaf you picked up at your favorite bakery.

How are you storing that bread? Not in plastic right? (You know better than that of course.) Maybe you're wrapping it in a paper bag. That's not bad, but it's still going to dry out pretty quickly.

This, my friends, this is how you store that loaf. Place it cut end down on your counter, or for ease of mobility, on a plate. Your bread will will stay fresh-ish for several days, as you slice it down to a crusty nub.

1 comment:

Eric Faulkner said...

Awesome! My loaves rarely last longer than one meal, but when they do, this is how I'll save the remainder. Thanks, Mary.

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