Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week of January 11

I am on the road for the beginning of the week and I had grand plans for posting. Guess who forgot her power cable? Sigh. I'm on a borrowed computer right now.

I've set up Beppo (he's holding down the fort) with a collection of made-ahead items, so the first half of the week is covered thanks to the freezer and the pantry. The rest is a good example of making do with only a few purchased items. I'll only need to find produce when I breeze through the supermarket at the end of my four hour drive on Wednesday.

Menu for the Week
Turkey burgers on foccacia (both from the freezer)
Fennel and carrot sticks

Pork and tomatillo chili (made with the remnants of the pork shoulder we roasted last week - 2 more quarts went into the freezer for another day)

Beef ragu over pasta (ragu from the freezer)
Green salad

Smoked salmon and bialys (I'll pick these up on the drive home)
Cole slaw (cabbage keeps forever in the fridge)

Thai-spiced coconut-vegetable curry over jasmine rice (I'm not sure what these will be yet - I'll see what looks good when I swing through the supermarket on my drive home. Probably sweet potatoes, napa cabbage and green beans.)

Pizza (dough's already in the freezer and toppings are always findable in the fridge)


J said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog and had a question:
Do you have a good recipe for pizza dough that freezes well?
We have tried several recipes for pizza dough that have turned out well. But none of them freeze well!
Any insight you may have would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and keep up the great work!

Sunday Cook said...

Hi J!

I'll see what I can do for you. When you say your pizza dough doesn't work well, what do you mean by that? Does it rise poorly, get soggy, or do some other thing I haven't thought of?

J said...

After my dough has been frozen and thawed, it doesn't lighten up. That is, when baked it stays dense and hard. This is despite the fact that an unfrozen ball from the same batch had become the perfect pizza crust the week earlier. Maybe I am freezing it too late? I freeze the dough after it rises and I have kneaded it down once. Maybe its just a timing thing?

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