Friday, January 9, 2009

Mark Bittman's Farro Soup

This soup is a prime contender for the economical, healthy, vegetable rich requirements I have applied to my menus. The recipe is Mark Bittman's and can be found here on The New York Times' web site.

I used farro, although you can also use barley. The only notes I made on this recipe:
  • I added a Parmesan rind to the pot while everything was simmering (Parmesan rind is a magic ingredient - fish it out before serving).
  • I used flageolet beans that had soaked for 2 hours before I started the soup.
  • The farro took much longer than I expected to cook. The soup didn't suffer for it: the beans broke down a lot more, but they just made the soup creamier.
  • I didn't use any basil: I didn't have any on hand, and besides, to me fresh basil in January just seems wrong.
  • I served it drizzled with some fruity olive oil and a sprinkle of freshly-grated Parmesan.
I was sure this soup would freeze well (most bean and grain soups do), so I made a double batch and put half away for a chilly day.


Anonymous said...

OK- How's this for a substitute? I made this tonight and used what I thought was barley. Turned out to be steel cut oats.
I had a very hearty vegetable oatmeal.
It was actually much less disgusting than you might imagine. Hearty!

Sunday Cook said...

Whoops! That doesn't sound like a bad substitution. Gotta use what you have on hand - I'm glad you liked it (I think?) regardless. Thanks for stopping by.

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