Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday Night Supper: Fast Frittata

Frittata (plural: Frittati?) is the quick cook's best friend. The only required ingredients is eggs: beyond that, the sky's the limit. (I will say, at times, it's not the most photogenic of dishes, thus, this picture.)

My quick formula for frittata requires something sort of starchy (potatoes, rice, pasta, cubes of bread), a vegetable (or several) and some kind of cheese. That said, I have made frittatas (frittatii?) with only vegetables, or with no cheese, etc. The formula is very flexible.

Last night's frittata used leftover Spanish potato salad (potatoes boiled and tossed with romesco sauce) and artichoke hearts left from Monday night's pasta dish.

First, I sauteed the potato salad and artichoke hearts. I just wanted to warm them up, since they were already cooked. While they were cooking, I whisked 6 eggs in a bowl. When the potatoes and artichokes were warmed through and sizzling, I poured the eggs over them (I used a 12" non-stick skillet for 6 eggs ).

I cooked the eggs for about minutes, using a rubber spatula to clean egg off the side of the pan . When the eggs looked mostly set (just a little runny on top), I put the pan under the broiler for another 5 minutes to cook the frittata through. I did not use cheese in this dish because the romesco sauce was fairly rich-tasting and I didn't think I would need the extra richness and saltiness from cheese (I was right).

Let the frittata sit while you set the table. Cut into wedges and serve.

Note 1: My method makes a thin frittata. If you want a thicker frittata, use a smaller pan, and cook the frittata over lower heat.

BTW - My lettuce was stored last week, using my super-duper lettuce preservation method. It truly works well.


Fearless Kitchen said...

I always think about making frittata, but I find myself backing off for some reason. It's a great way to use up leftovers, too! This looks delicious.

Eric Faulkner said...

The plural for frittata is frittate, I think.

Sunday Cook said...

Of course Eric - you are correct. Can't believe I didn't get that myself. ("Frittati" looks fun though, don't it?)

And Fearless, I try not to rely on frittate (Thanks again E!) too often, but they are such a great item to have in the repertoire, doncha think? What do you end up making when you don't make a frittata?

Jackie said...

Love the versatility of frittata, too. Yours looks delicious!

Robyn Burns said...

Glad you're back posting. Your blog is very inspiring as you seem to talk me through it. I've just recently really started cooking and I'm finding myself in a bit of a rut as the purse strings are still tight (just out of uni). I'm trying to find inexpensive ways to 'mix it up' and you've got great advice.
Thank you :)

Sunday Cook said...

Thanks Robyn! Glad I can help you in the kitchen. :-)

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