Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday Night Supper: Risotto

This was Sunday night's supper, courtesy of our Russo's run. We'd had a gluttonous portion of chicken wings for lunch, so I wanted to go a little lighter for dinner.

I bought fava beans and baby artichokes at Russo's. We have a ton of baby garlic growing in the garden, so I decided to use that too. The resulting meal: Fava bean and green garlic risotto with grilled baby artichokes (Yes, Top Chef fans, that is a non-functional garnish, sorry ...).

Making risotto isn't hard, but you do get better at it the more you make it. I am not providing a recipe here, but here is a good basic method. (I strongly recommend that you find any video of Lidia Bastianich making risotto - watching her is a great learning experience).

First, I sauteed minced shallots and green garlic in olive oil. Then I added two cups of rice and sauteed it until it was "toasted" (the rice grain gets pearly and the starch core turns bright white - you know it when you see it).

When the rice is toasted, I added a splash of white wine and cooked it until it all evaporated.

Then, over the next 20 minutes or so, I ladled hot chicken stock over the rice, stirring every now and then. When the rice was tender, I stirred in the favas, some more minced green garlic, a little butter and grated parmesan cheese.

While this was all happening, I steamed the baby artichokes for 10 minutes, then grilled them for about 5 minutes.


Stefan Jones said...

That looks wonderful. And probably within my range of expertise to make...

Sunday Cook said...

It was rather delicious. Good substitutions for the favas and green garlic are green lima beans (find them in the freezer section) and chopped garlic and scallions (use the white end in the saute and the green part gets stirred in at the end.

Go for it. :-)

Fearless Kitchen said...

This looks really amazing. I like the use of fava beans, and your presentation was beautiful. Never mind the non-functional garnish.

Sunday Cook said...

One thing I forgot to mention, for those of you who have never worked with fresh favas before: the yield after cleaning is awful. I bought 1.15 pounds (according to my receipt) of pods. That yielded about 6 ounces of beans. Worth it, for sure, but it could be disheartening if you were planning to serve more than two people!

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