Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday Night Supper: Sandwiches and Sprouts

So, I have almost used up all my vegetables from my frenzy of produce purchasing last Sunday. Eagle-eyed readers will note that I haven't really used up the root vegetables yet, that is true, and that is because I thought they could wait for while - I wanted to get all the leafy, fresh stuff cooked first.

The last item I had left to conquer were some gorgeous brussels sprouts (yes, I said gorgeous). I normally roast sprouts in a hot oven. However, it was beautiful out and the idea of heating up the kitchen was rather unappealing.

So, I grilled 'em. What a happy outcome. It reduced the sulfur-cabbageyness that sprouts haters don't like. The sprouts took on a nice smoky note which was accented by the handful of speck I tossed over the top towards the end of cooking.

This method is highly recommended.

To grill your sprouts you will need a grill-top wok or grilling rack. This makes it easy to just toss the sprouts on the grill. If you don't have a grill pan, you could skewer the sprouts like kebabs, I suppose.

Slice your sprouts in half and toss them with salt, pepper and oil. Grill the spouts (stirring them occasionally) over medium high heat until they start to soften and brown (about 10 minutes). Towards the end of cooking, toss a handful of chopped ham, speck or semi-cooked chopped bacon over the top (optional). When done, throw them in a bowl and sprinkle on a wee bit more salt and perhaps a squeeze of lemon juice.

We ate ours as a side dish with Italian cold cut sandwiches, but I think this dish could be a nice cole slaw replacement (assuming you can find sprouts later in the year - they do tend to be very seasonal and I see the season coming to an end soon).

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