Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Easter Monday

For those who celebrated Orthodox Easter yesterday, happy Easter to you. I was raised Orthodox and while I'm not too observant these days, Easter is a very important holiday.

We had a lovely Sunday afternoon at a pot luck lunch organized by our local convivium of Slow Food. The meal had a Spanish theme, but due to a serendipitous conversation with my mother about the dessert she was making, I decided to follow her lead and make the same thing (she's a smart lady, my mom is).

This is from Martha Stewart Living (March 2008) issue. It is not on her website (Believe me, I looked) and I'll transcribe the recipe for you if there's interest.

The Greeks out there would call this dessert galatoboureko, Martha et al. called it Semolina Custard Tart with Honeyed Pine Nuts. More descriptive, I'd agree. Galatoboureko is a custard, thickened with semolina flour in addition to eggs, wrapped in buttery phyllo and topped with honeyed syrup (the pine nuts are a nontraditional touch). I dusted it with non-melting confectioners' sugar from King Arthur Flour - what a marvelous invention!

It was very delicious, and unlike Greek desserts you may be used to, it was not too sweet. As a result, it was a super conclusion to a filling and convivial meal.

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