Sunday, July 18, 2010

CSA Booty - Week 9

This week's share was made up of:
  • Tomatoes
  • 1 bunch of bright lights chard
  • 1 bunch of kale
  • lots of green and yellow beans
  • 1 bunch of amaranth
  • 1 small box of onions
  • 2 small boxes of sun gold cherry tomatoes
  • 2 heads of bok choy
So here's what I think I'm doing with these items:
  • I think I'm going to make this kale pasta again - it was really good and super easy to put together. I'm out of pancetta, so I'll make it with bacon. (Wanted to do this last week but didn't.)
  • I'm going to try a Mexican recipe of chicken in amaranth sauce (it uses both the green and the grain which is sorta neat) with the amaranth greens. (Wanted to do this last week but didn't.)
  • Some of the tomatoes already went into a fattoush salad (post to come).
  • The onions are going to be added into many dishes: they are super thinly sliced and raw in various dishes.
  • I'm going to pickle some of the beans.
  • Some of the beans are going to be a Thai-style green bean salad.
  • The chard. Hmm again. Maybe a greens pie again - that 'twas delicious.
So how'd I do with last week's haul? Here's what we ate from the CSA last week:
  • And another busy week. We ate the callaloo I made and froze last week.
  • I made pesto from the basil.
  • The kale went into kale pesto.
  • I started getting desperate toward the end of the week and sauteed up the kale and amaranth to use in dishes.
  • I made a broccoli stirfry with carrots to have alongside a Vietnamese-caramel marinated grilled chicken.
  • I know I made more than this, but I have no idea what!
This Summer, I am chronicling my first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) experience. My CSA share is from Arrowhead Farm, a farm based in Newburyport, MA. Each week, I am posting about what was in my share and what I'm doing with it. By way of full disclosure, I won my share through a raffle and am not paying for it. However, Arrowhead did not know I was entered in the raffle, and I received no special consideration because of this blog. I paid for my livestock share.

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