Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Menu for the Week of January 24

Okay, so I'm a few days late posting this menu, but I swear it was written up on Sunday. We went to Providence, Rhode Island for the weekend and I picked up some marvelous ingredients to cook with this week. This picture is from one of our two breakfasts at Nick's on Broadway: it's a sausage-biscuit-bread pudding, topped with poached eggs and hollandaise. Delicious and fortifying. We also had this beautiful fruit salad. Not only was the fruit was cut to order, it was cut with care (the angles on those pieces of fruit were razor sharp!)

Menu for the Week
Weekend detox winter root vegetable stew

Gnudi with lemon butter (thanks to Jennifer Hess at Last Night's Dinner for the recipe)
Beets with white anchovies and fennel

Pizza (leftover pizza from our drive home on Sunday)
Vegetable slaw


Indian potato-lentil curry
Cauliflower with cilantro chutney
Basmati rice

Pierogies (hopefully homemade) with sour cream and onions


Anonymous said...

We loooove Nick'. I saw your picture and was not surprised to see you were at Nick's. My only issue is that on the weekend the wait is just so very long. Wouldn't mind it if I didn't have a hungry three year old in tow! Wonder when they open for breakfast during the week! May have to check it out before work! Also wondering if you could share your recipe for winter detox stew? Guessing you made a stop at the Winter Farmers market in Pawtucket!

Jennifer Hess said...

That's a totally gorgeous photo of that bread pudding. We love sitting at the counter and watching Derek and his crew work - such a treat. And I'm tickled that you tried my gnocchi!

So great to meet you, all to briefly - we'll have to get together again soon.

Sunday Cook said...

Thanks Realmom - I'm working on the stew recipe post right now. Nick's opens at 7 Wed-Sat, so maybe a pre-work stop in will be your best shot. We got there at about 9:00 on Sat and 8:05 on Sunday. We didn't have to wait much, but there was a wait when we left both days.

Jennifer- nice to have you stop by - and to meet you in person! I'll be posting a gnudi pic/post shortly; they were such a success.

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