Sunday, January 31, 2010

Menu for January 31

Baby, it's cold outside. This is kind of weather that just makes me want to sit by the woodstove and read a book and eat a few of these minipies. These little pastries are, as we say in the vernacular up here, wicked-stinkin' cute. I made little pies in half pint mason jars. They're a perfect serving size for us an after dinner treat. Even better, I made up a dozen of them, so nine little pielettes are waiting in the freezer for when temptation strikes. Though I wish I could lay claim to this idea, I point you to Our Best Bites and their post. They used pint jars for their pies, but I prefer the smaller half-pint (although the smaller jars *are* more fiddly).

I'm trying something new and exciting this weekend. Tonight I'll be cooking along with Food52 in their first Sunday Supper. A group of us (maybe you too?) will be preparing Shrimp Biryani together. I've never participated in a group cooking event before and am interested to see how it goes. You can play along if you'd like: just go to F00d52 and sign up.

Yesterday, I attended a sake tasting led by Richard Auffrey, The Passionate Foodie. If you have a chance to attend a tasting he leads, go. He's clearly passionate about the subject of sake and did a great job of demystifying a beverage most of us don't know much about. I'll be drinking one of my purchases, a bottle of Kurosawa Jun-Mai Kimoto tonight. Will let you know how it goes.

Menu for the Week
Blood orange and avocado salad

Sweet potato soup
Baked feta with sesame and sumac
Whole-wheat flatbread

Baked pasta with fresh ricotta
Green salad

Dinner out at Eastern Standard

Macaroni and cheese
Green salad


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