Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week of August 31

Hope y'all are having a great Labor Day holiday.

What a fun week I've got ahead! First, I have some baking great clients I'm doing work for this week and I am really looking forward to making beautiful, yummy treats. Then, I have a birthday dinner out with my hubby at my favorite restaurant. And then, I'm going away for a girls' weekend. Whoo hoo! I'm not sure I can handle that much fun in one week.

Menu for the Week
Sunday - Labor Day Grillin'
Hot dogs with all the fixings
Cole slaw
Corn on the cob
Peach galette (using the galette dough from here, the baking method is the same as for the vegetable tart)

Grilled pizza (made with my new birthday pizza peel)
Green salad

Tuesday - Indian night
Curried cauliflower
Fresh shell beans with tomato
Swiss chard
Chapati or rice

Pasta with eggplant and tomatoes

Super duper birthday dinner

Girls' weekend!

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