Monday, August 11, 2008

Week of August 10

So many vegetables, so little time! We were away for the weekend, so I wasn't sure just what we'd have for dinner. Fortunately, we bought some eggplant at a farmstand and my garden is overflowing with certain vegetables.

So we dug potatoes, cut Red Russian Kale, picked some tomatoes and squash and we pulled together a pretty spiffy supper after all.

Menu for the Week
Caponata (from Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food)
Garlic-roasted new potato salad (from the Dean and Deluca Cookbook)
Sauteed kale with lemon

Spicy summer squash soup with yogurt and mint (from Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food)
Green salad
Toasts with herb oil

Grilled halloumi cheese
Trio of salads:
  • Tomato salad
  • Cabbage and carrot slaw
  • Coucous and squash salad
Onion and greens custard pie (from Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food)
Beet salad

Poached egg on endive salad with lardons (with home-cured bacon!)

Hot dogs (Maybe NY System style? Picked up a seasoning packet in Providence.)
Cole slaw


Julia said...

What's NY System style?

Sunday Cook said...

It's like a chili dog. (That's a little like saying Nobu serves sushi.) They are served with a secret-recipe meat sauce, onions, mustard and celery salt. One big part of the appeal is that if you order several, the counterman lays them up his forearm while he builds them for you.

I am trying to do a little research on where the name comes from. The only thing I can see so far is that every NY System-style restaurant founder (there are many) seems to have gotten to RI from Greece via Brooklyn.

Of course, the easiest thing would have been to go to a weenie joint in Providence, but we didn't. So I'll have to use my spice pack to make us some ersatz weiners until we go back.

Julia said...

ah. So I guess it's like folks in Detroit calling their half-pound not-heavily-spiced polish hotdogs with chopped raw onions Coney Islands - one of life's little mysteries.

Sunday Cook said...


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