Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week of October 14

This is picture of dried porcini mushrooms. They were a key ingredient in tonight's mushroom hash. Yum.

I was away all weekend so didn't get do to any cooking. So, this week's menu is a prize example of the "hunt and gather" philosophy of meal planning. I was down in New Jersey for the weekend, and on my drive back North, I stopped at the standard Boston-New York way station just north of Hartford: Rein's Deli in Vernon, Connecticut. That one pit stop allowed me to supplement my pantry staples and create a fun little meal plan.

This Sunday, I:
  • Went shopping.
  • Sent my husband to the supermarket. :-)
Menu for the Week

Dirty steak
Lazy mushroom hash (post to come)
Roasted green beans with thyme and marjoram

Pastrami sandwiches (pastrami and rye bread from Rein's)

White bean salad with smoked fish (salmon and sable from Rein's)

Kielbasa with red cabbage

Chili (and again ... thank you Rein's)

Chinese dumplings

1 comment:

Treebeard said...

I read your manifesto anew (having read it months ago) and will now respond to your invitation to tell you my "challenges" for the week. They are these: Make supper do for lunches (which you have covered) and provide mid-morning "break food" for those who go to work early and are starving by 9:30 a.m. (which you have not covered to my knowlege.)Is this within your subject?

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