Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Event Alert: Five Little Piggies ...

... Went to market?
... In a poke?
... Constructing houses of questionable stability?

Nope. This Sunday evening at Cochon 555 Boston, five piggies will be prepared and served by five Boston area chefs and washed down with wines from five winemakers (See? Five pigs, five chefs, five winemakers: 555).

Cochon 555 is the brainchild of Taste Network, an Atlanta-based group initially focused on the promotion of artisan wine and cheese through educational (and social!) programs. They run a number of really exciting programs in the Atlanta area (The Kudzu Supper Club: farm to table events, looks like so much fun!). A new event for them, Cochon 555 is a nationwide series of ten pig-centric parties. Proceeds from the event go to Farms for City Kids, a nonprofit that gives children from urban centers (primarily New York City and Boston) the opportunity to visit and work on a farm in Vermont. It looks like a really amazing program.

Cochon 555 Boston will be held at the Liberty Hotel and will highlight heritage pork dishes from:
Five winemakers will be pouring pork-complementary glasses of wine:
All the twittering and blogging I have seen about this event have really gotten me excited to attend. I have also had the good fortune to visit three of the chefs' restaurants and am really looking forward to tasting what they prepare for this event. The dishes will be judged by an august panel of Boston-area food-lovers, restaurateurs and food producers and one chef will be crowned the "Prince of Porc" at the end of the day.

I am concerned about the scrum that normally forms at the tables at events like this. You know how it goes: you elbow your way through the crowd, just to get a postage-stamp sized piece of something on a toothpick, which is then knocked off aforementioned toothpick by a someone's wildly gesticulating arms. However, this event has already run in New York, Seattle, Portland (Oregon), Atlanta and Napa, so I am hopeful that they've figured out the crowd control/Lord of the Flies issues that are so common at these events.

Product placement disclaimer: I have been granted a press pass for this event and am looking forward to reporting back on it for you. Many pictures will be taken, many dishes will be tasted.


Cochon 555
The Liberty Hotel Boston
5:00 - 8:00, Sunday, April 5
Tickets are $125 and are still available. There is a $25 industry discount: use code "baconbits".

Future dinners coming soon to: Des Moines, Chicago, Washington, DC and San Francisco.

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