Monday, November 3, 2008

Week of November (!) 2

When did this year get so close to being over? It seems like just a few days ago I was making my annually-blown-off New Year's resolutions.

Anyway, business is picking up; I have several holiday clients lined up and am teaching some classes in the next few weeks. If you'd like to take one of my classes on Cooking From the Pantry (this Thursday, November 6) or Pestos and Salsas (November 13), click over to Newburyport Adult Education and sign up!

This picture is of one of the souvenirs from our fabulous Italian vacation. It's a corzetti stamp. Corzetti are a traditional pasta from Genoa. According to the recipe I was given (in Italian) it's traditionally served with a meat sauce. We had it with pesto (also Genoese) since I had the basil handy. The stamp allows you to imprint a round of pasta with a pattern on both sides. The indentations and ridges catch the sauce. This picture of the pressed pasta is pretty lousy, sorry, I flipped a setting on my camera without noticing.

Menu for the Week
Beppo and I did a mini-photo shoot for promotional mailings and my business site this weekend. So this week, we're eating the leftovers. I also have a few final recipes to test for Thursday's class, so those will be put into the dinner roster as well. (Translation: Random assortment of meals this week and no advance menu posted.)


Stefan Jones said...

How thick are the pasta disks?

Sunday Cook said...

The recipe didn't specify beyond vague terms like "enough" (or so I translated it). I cheated and used my pasta roller - I rolled the dough to the 6 setting, which is the same setting I would use for fettucini or papardelle (e.g.: not the thinnest setting).

As someone (I forget who) told me, plain pasta should be thin enough to see the shadow of your hand through. For filled pasta, it should be thin enough to read a newspaper through.

Sunday Cook said...

Also of note - thin enough to cook through in about 3 minutes, tops.

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