Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Week of February 3

Ok, I'm back. Our house is completely upside down this week: we're having carpeting installed in four rooms and everything is now in the living room. So relaxing.

Menu for this week is built upon easy to make, easy to prep food. We did have a small Super Bowl meal on Sunday, but nothing as extravagantly horrific for our arteries as last year's cholesterol fantasy. I made the Spicy Grain Soup on Sunday, the lentil soup is from the freezer and everything else is made "to order".

Menu for the Week
Buffalo chicken salad
Bean and cheese dip
LOTS of pepper, carrot, cucumber and celery sticks

Spicy grain soup

Lentil soup

Roasted butternut squash and red peppers
Pan-fried halloumi (cheese)

Spinach frittata
Radicchio salad

Hot dogs
Cole slaw


Anonymous said...

How long was the lentil soup in the freezer?-seems like you made it ages ago. And how did it keep? And how was it after thawing? I like to keep a sort of data-heap about this kind of thing against future planning. But you know..don't be hasty! Treebeard

Sunday Cook said...

Wow Treebeard - way to fact-check my dates! :-)

The soup was made about 4 months ago. I have a deep-freeze that is set to 0 degrees F. It's not a frost-free model, so it keeps the temp consistently low and holds foods very well.

I find that soups (especially bean or pulse-based soups) hold *very* well in the deep-freeze. I have defrosted and eaten soups as old as 10 months or so. (I usually "freshen" a frozen soup with a splash of lemon juice or vinegar and some chopped fresh herbs.)

That said, for optimum quality in most freezers - a freeze time of 3 months max is usually best in terms of taste and texture.

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