Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week of November 11

November is NaBloPoMo. Since I can't keep up with the daily posting schedule, I am apparently trying to make up for it by overdoing it the kitchen every weekend. It's my masochistic streak, I guess.

On Sunday, I:
  • Made confiture de lait per Pim. Our woodstove was hummin' and it provided the perfect even heat needed to cook this stuff for the requisite 3 hours.(!)
  • Made quince caramels, ibid. Therefore, I poached several quinces (see photo), which leads to:
  • Baked a quince tart.
  • Stewed up a pot of white chicken chili.
  • Baked beets.
  • Made chard and mozzarella calzones.
  • Made Sunday dinner.
Menu for the Week
Stuffed portobello mushroom caps
Sweet potato oven fries
Sauteed cauliflower with scallions
Quince tart

White chicken chili
Fennel and orange salad

Falafel plate
Beets with walnut sauce

Calzones with swiss chard and mozzarella

Pasta with leeks and radicchio (inspired by a Bon Appetit recipe from the December issue)

Franks 'n' beans

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