Monday, March 1, 2010

Week of February 28

Hello all, here's hoping everyone's got their power back. For those of you not in the Northeast: we had one hell of a windstorm on Thursday night. About 300,000 people lost power in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. My entire town was dark for about 18 hours, but a number of people were without power for 3 days or so. Wind gusts were clocked at 90+ MPH in Portsmouth, NH. Trees were snapped in half all over my town. We were super lucky and had no damage to our house or property.

Anyhoo, with that natural disaster out of the way this was actually a pretty great weekend. We had a productive Saturday and spent Sunday in Boston. We ate an enormous lunch at Myers and Chang. I'm talking enormous: way too much food and we ate all of it. After lunch we strolled down to Flour Bakery and picked up some treats for dessert Sunday night. Then we went over to the Museum of Fine Arts and checked out The Secrets of Tomb 10A exhibit. If you're interested in ancient Egypt, I really recommend a visit.

Dinner was supposed to me a lamb stew, but we were still full from our huge, enormous lunch. So I moved my Tuesday night dinner plan up to Sunday night. We had a big salad of quinoa with feta and blood oranges. With a green salad, it was a light yet satisfying dinner (recipe forthcoming).

Menu for the Week
Quinoa salad with feta and blood oranges
Green salad

Stir-fried noodles with tofu, scallions and peanuts

Lamb stew
Broccoli rabe with garlic confit

Macaroni and cheese
Green salad


Pasta with meat sauce
Green salad

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