Monday, December 7, 2009

Menu for the Week of December 6

Woo, getting into the thick of the holiday season now. We had our first snow of the season on Saturday night. It was a very considerate snow: falling overnight and melting off the roads in time for me to get to the farmers' market to set up my booth.

I have been gazing at Beth McKinney's gorgeous ceramics since the beginning of the market season in June. I finally decided to add two of her pieces to our table. Aren't these teacups just gorgeous? They're perfectly sized to be held in my hands; I can't wait to sip my tea by the fire with one of these warming my hands. Beth doesn't have a website, but you can reach her at to find out where to purchase her wares. She has a lot of beautiful pieces that would make fabulous holiday gifts.

We've been eating a lot of meat lately, so I decided to make an effort to put a few more vegetarian meals back on the meal. The duck in the duck ragu is from a roast duck test drive and the sausage dish is a craving both Beppo and I both have.

Menu for the Week
Lentil soup with greens (this is a play on my traditional lentil soup recipe, with no tomato and bitter greens stirred in toward the end of cooking)
Tomato focaccia

Sausage with vinegar peppers and potatoes
Braised greens

Cauliflower soup with Indian spices and sweet potato croutons
Tomato focaccia

Duck ragu with home made pasta
Turnip salad

Bibimbap with fried egg

Final Julia Child class of the year. Bon appetit!

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