Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week of May 24

Hello all. Hope everyone stateside had a great Memorial Day weekend. Our major accomplishment this weekend was getting all our potted plants out onto the deck. It's important to wait until we're safely out of frost-warning time and while it was 42 this morning, 42 isn't 32!

This happy family has decided to take on the task of mowing our lawn for us. I have to say that they aren't doing a great job, but they don't charge much.

Menu for the Week
Souvlaki (Greek-style kabobs)
Grilled Vidalia onions
Vinegar-boiled potatoes (strangely successful - from the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living)
Greek salad with feta

Cherry bread pudding (with the remains of my Anadama bread)

Tostadas with picadillo (think flat tacos)
Pico di gallo
Black beans

Asparagus avogolemono soup
Huge salad

Pasta with asparagus and mushrooms and lots of herbs

Kimchi soup with tofu and greens (We'll see about this one. My supermarket had no kimchi in stock and the shelves were also devoid of a suitable Chinese-style cabbage for a homemade version.)
Rice noodles

Breakfast for dinner: Eggs and hash (and probably a salad)

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