Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week of March 9

No good excuse for my absence last week (although it seems like every food blogger out there has been stuck by a horrifically bad flu). I am back now, nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the wheel, etc., etc.

I do owe a few of you an apology. With a flagrant disregard for protocol and propriety and consideration of the large pool of Harvardarians who troll this site (and who are my primary fan-base), I posted a Yale recipe! Egads.

I am pleased to announce that the Harvard Cocktail is next in rotation. The legion of crimson-clad folks out there will be pleased to note that the ingredient list is substantially more, well, substantial. Creme de Violette, indeed! So New Haven ...

Menu for the Week
Pseudo-Thai Night
** Larb: Beef salad
** Yam: Eggplant salad
Cucumber salad
Jasmine rice

Greek-style baked shrimp with orzo
Roasted butternut squash
Swiss chard

White chicken chili
Red cabbage and carrot cole slaw

Orchiette carbonara with leeks (courtesy of Bon Appetit)
Green salad

Yellow split pea soup

Grilled hot dogs (pushing summer, I know)
Cole slaw

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