Monday, January 21, 2008

Week of January 20

Sorry everyone. It's amazing how busy you can be when you're (voluntarily) unemployed.

Over the weekend we went to Super 88 in Allston, MA (Boston, really). Super 88 (or "Route 66" as my friend Ann calls it) is a marvelous Asian supermarket. They sell pretty much everything you need for Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cookery. They have some Japanese ingredients as well, but that cuisine is not their speciality. I love going there because they have really interesting produce and I can always pick up something of interest.

These lovely pea shoots were part of dinner on Sunday. We also got several huge bunches of watercress (for 99 cents each!) and some ridiculously buggy mustard greens (Seriously buggy. I had to commit them to the compost heap: we could not "debug" them sufficiently and we both got rather squicked out. Ah well.).

Menu for the Week
Indian-spiced chicken breasts
Sri Lankan-style pea tendrils with coconut
Moon dal with chickpeas
Brown rice

Watercress and potato soup
Goat cheese toasts

Pork tenderloin with apples
Roasted red potatoes
Roasted brussel sprouts

Mushroom quiche
Green salad

Chili (Rein's Deli - from the freezer)

Buffalo shrimp po'boys with blue cheese dressing
Three Cs: Celery, carrot and cucumber sticks


reVamp said...

I never cook. Ever. Ever.

I have usually been blessed to be in relationships where either my partner did all the cooking, or my partner was equally as opposed to cooking as myself and we would eat out all of the time.

Well, I like good food, so eating out is expensive (and I'm coming to terms with the fact that it is unnecessary). In a bid to simplify my life, I want to start cooking. I want shopping and food prep to be simple, and the meals to be varied and delicious. This sample of foods for the week makes me drool just thinking about it.

Do you have recipes? A "cooking 4 the week" for dummies?

I want to change, really I do!

Sunday Cook said...

What a plea! Ok reVamp, I'll accept your challenge and will get you some ideas. Hang in there - we'll have you cooking soon!

reVamp said...

Awesome! Talk about a quick response! I appreciate any tips you could forward my way.


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