Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Did You Do This Weekend?

This is what I did. No, I didn't get married.

I did help out with a joint 50th Anniversary Party for my in-laws and my hubby's aunt and uncle (double ceremony, you know). 'Twas very classy and everyone had a simply smashing afternoon.

I had a grand time seeing everyone at the party. I also had a wonderful time trying out my make-ahead techniques on a catered lunch for almost 70 people!

My next few posts will highlight some of the items I made for this event. They'll be scaled down for everyday portions, but I'll include my make-ahead tips too.

The Menu

Smoked salmon with tzatziki
Cheese and crackers
Olive spread
White bean hummus
All apps were brought in by other family members

Chicken cacciatore alla Noney
Baked polenta with cheeses
Pasta with tomato-porcini cream sauce
Broccoli and broccoli rabe with gremolata (lemon, garlic and parsley) and pine nuts

Wedding cake (Brown sugar butter cake with fruit and cream cheese frosting)
Fruit salad


Shrewsbury Duke said...

Very inspiring post Sunday Cook.

I'm working on a dinner for 8 (4 couples)menu for a charitable event that I will be donating in the Feb.2008 timeframe. The idea is that I cook for the couples a multi-course dinner in my home. I have a few ideas for entrees, but was wondering how many courses would be appropriate?

The winning couples will most likely bid well over $500 for the night out. My wife and I (plus another couple) will purchase all the staples and cook the meal in our new chef's kitchen. I was intrigued with your menu selections and am trying to build a menu around a red meat entree such as short ribs or beef wellington...any suggestions??

Kitt said...

Holy cow, did you make that cake? It's stunning!

Jeena said...

Hi there you have a great blog,lovely recipes. Feel free to visit my blog too :)

Jeena xx

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Sunday Cook said...

Whoo - THREE comments on one post! A new record folks. :-)

I work with the ShrewDu, so I'll be sharing ideas with him, but if anyone out there has any thoughts, please dish (as it were). What's your favorite "dazzle 'em" dinner item?

Kitt: why yes, I did make that cake, and sugared the grapes that adorn it. :-)

I'll post more on it later, but it's the Brown Sugar Butter cake I linked to in a earlier post, with cream cheese frosting and berries in between the layers.

Thanks Jeena - I like your blog's photos - the step by step pictures are really great.

Jane said...

I was one of the people at the party and I cannot wait to make this cake myself - it was amazing.

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