Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week of November 22

Oh experiments, how I love them. This dish here is dak galbi, a Korean dish of stir-fried vegetables, chicken and loads of Korean chilies and chili paste. I feel neither qualified nor educated enough to post a recipe for this dish. I refer you to this recipe which I used as a starting point.

This coming is going to be pretty crazy busy, which is why menu-planning is even more important. When you can't control your schedule, you can at least control what you eat.

Menu for the Week
Basmati rice pilaf with green beans and tomatoes
Braised greens (red mustard and mizuna from the market)
Red lentil puree

Lamb stew (with local lamb from the market)

Bean and tuna pasta dish

Butternut squash and feta pie
Green salad

Whaddaya think? :-)

Out on the town

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