Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey There

So it's been almost three weeks or so since I've checked in with you. Sorry about the long absence. I have been so busy and can't wait to tell you about everything I've been up to.

I ran my first farmers' market booth on Sunday. Despite awful weather and high winds, I sold lots of delicious treats to a large number of hungry people.

I also picked up my first Community Sponsored Fisheries (CSF) fish, a 4.5 pound cod, on Saturday. It is certain that I have a lot to learn about filleting.

Finally, my personal chef activities are picking up speed and I have to put hobbies like blogging aside to take of care of the paying public.

Anyway, excuses aside. This means I have a ton of things to tell you about and will be shortly. I'm up at King Arthur Flour's baking center again, taking a course on international pastry. Can't wait to give y'all a full report. Here's a link back to the first course I took there.

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