Sunday, December 21, 2008


Been snowing for about 48 hours straight (ergo the French Toast Warning in the sidebar).

It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you can't leave the house:
  • Did three loads of laundry
  • Wrapped of all our Christmas gifts
  • Reorganized my salt collection (seriously)
  • Made a batch of no-knead bread
  • Made a batch of baguettes (still in process, technically)
  • Made a batch of brandy-soaked dried fruit
  • Simmered up a batch of corn chowder for dinner (thank heaven for a well stocked freezer)


Bunny Trails said...

Wow, your snow is BEAUTIFUL! Snow is the most beautiful thing in the world (IMHO)! Be careful in all of that mess.

I am tired just looking at your list. Holy cow, you are a busy bee!

Sunday Cook said...

It *is* beautiful and I am grateful for such a lovely winter scene. It's funny, if I spent my weekend as I normally do, I might very well have stayed home happily, but ... since we can't safely/easily leave the house Beppo and I are going *stir crazy*. :-)

mary said...

You are so fabulously productive! I am envious :)

P.S. Brandy soaked fruit?! YUM.

Sunday Cook said...

The dried fruit recipe came from Eating Well. I didn't follow the instructions directly - used raisins in addition to prunes - just let everything soak instead of adding the tea, then the brandy.

I think this same method would be delicious with other fruits and liquors (thinking of trying dried apples and bourbon next)!

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